Packing Materials for Moving

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We offer the following packing materials to make your move a little easier. Please contact us with any pricing or ordering questions by calling 941-343-9443

MaterialsCostItems to Pack
Book Carton$ 1.50Books, Tapes, CD’s, Canned Goods
Medium Carton$ 2.50Lamp Shades, Electric Kitchen Appliances, Pots, Pans, ect
Large Carton$ 3.50Living Room/Family Room Items, Linens, ect
X-Large Carton$ 4.50Lamp Shades, Silks, Pillows, Linens, Towels
Dish Pack$ 5.50Dishes, China Cabinet Items, Lamps, Statues, Fragiles
Large Wardrobe$ 12.00Hanging Clothes, Suits, Dresses
Mirror Carton$ 7.00Pictures, Mirrors, Glass Table Tops
Packing Paper$ 25.00(25 LBS) Necessity for packing any breakable items
Mattress Bags$ 6.00We have ALL sizes for mattresses
Bubble Wrap$ 75.00Extra Protection for Electronics and other items. (2′ x 100′)
Packing Tape$ 3.00(55 Yards/roll) Extra Strength Tape for all Cartons